Research in the PandA Lab is conducted in two spaces: a large area, immersive virtual reality lab and a driving lab. These spaces and the equipment housed within them offer exciting opportunities to create realistic tasks for subjects to perform, and to control and manipulate aspects of the environment in ways that cannot be achieved in the real world. Almost all of our experiments capitalize on the advantages of virtual environments, and could not be conducted in the real world. This opens the door to the investigation of problems in perception and action that have not been studied before due to technological limitations.

The virtual reality lab


The virtual reality lab is a 20’ x 28’ open space equipped with a nVis nVisor SX-111 head-mounted display, a 14-camera Vicon MX Pro motion capture system, and a Intersense IS-900 motion tracking system. Virtual environments are created using Vizard (WorldViz) running on an Alienware Area-51 workstation.

The driving lab

The driving lab is equipped with a Barco Cine 8 CRT projector, a large projection screen, an Alienware Area-51 workstation, and ECCI Trackstar 6000 steering wheel and foot pedal system.